Hosting corporate secrets? Cryptocurrency? Bitcoin? Credit card data? Just your own personal files? You need to harden your server against attack.


If you do not have a host hardening program in place your data is at unnecessary risk. Operating systems come configured out of the box for ease of use, not security. There are a great many things which can and should be done to make a server more resistent to intrusion and to make intrusions detectable.

Copilotco has developed automation to configure and harden over 100 different parameters of your Linux server. We use our automation combined with a few manual verification steps to process/harden many servers very efficiently and effectively. We can do this remotely without having to come on-site using only ssh access.

We install ZERO outside software as part of this hardening. We use only what comes with your Linux distribution and configure it.

We charge a one time fee of  $195/server for hardening. Significant discounts available for more than one host.


Basic configuration of SELinux is included with host hardening. Plus written documentation/instructions on what to do should SELinux ever get in your way to ensure your service is not interrupted. SELinux is a critical security tool and if your OS supports it you should have it enabled. Most situations can be resolved with just resetting a few file security contexts and tweaking some SELinux booleans. This is done on a best-effort basis. Custom policy configuration is not included.

Security monitoring

Copilotco is partnered with Detexian – a cyber threat detection service – for ongoing security monitoring. We install a lightweight log shipping agent (which is Free/Open Source software), configure logging, and all of our your security data is sent to Detexian for processing. You receive a weekly security report and notifications of critical security events. Incident reponse assistance is available for an additional fee. The cost for the the Detexian security monitoring server is $175/server/month with significant discounts available for additional servers.