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Re: [Bacula-devel] Michael's Bacula Request


Unfortunately, when it comes to building and modifying the build process for 
the Win32 client, you are pretty much on your own.  We do supply all the 
scripts that we use; the tar files for all the 3rd party Open Source code; 
and it is documented in src/win32/README.* (we use README.mingw32).  A good 
number of people have succeeded in building it themselves.

If you want professional help, see me off-list ...



PS: see below for a few additional comments.

On Tuesday 30 December 2008 12:15:20 Michael wrote:
> Dear Reader,
> My objective is to recompile the Windows 32 installer for Bacula
> (server, client and services) and to have it to do what I want it to do.
> Now what I want it to do is the following:
> *The ideal installation process
> 1) Bacula-FD (and maybe bconsole and possibly additional features)
> get(s) installed without any questions asked.

This is already possible if you use the right options when invoking the 

> 2) Some additional scripts/programs get installed (
> I can provide the custom scripts if needed) into C /Program Files/Bacula/
> 3) User is asked for
>   * Bacula-DIR name  default to 'backup-dir'
The above is already done on a fresh install
>   * Client's VPN-address  no default (provided by us)
>   * Client's password  no default (provided by us)
> 4) Bacula-FD configuration files are edited according to the information
> submitted

All the above can be done but require a bit of script changes.

> 5) Bacula-FD service is started

This is already part of the installation process.

> 6) Shortcut to bacula-backup.bat is created on user's desktop
> *Can you tell me how I can edit the installer to do just this ?

See the README mentioned above, but I don't think that it talks about 
modifying the installer -- you will need to read the code in 

> Thanks in advance,
> Michael Neuwahl

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