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[Bacula-devel] Michael's Bacula Request

Dear Reader,

My objective is to recompile the Windows 32 installer for Bacula (server, client and services) and to have it to do what I want it to do.

Now what I want it to do is the following:

The ideal installation process
1) Bacula-FD (and maybe bconsole and possibly additional features) get(s) installed without any questions asked.
2) Some additional scripts/programs get installed (
I can provide the custom scripts if needed) into C /Program Files/Bacula/
3) User is asked for
  * Bacula-DIR name  default to 'backup-dir'
  * Client's VPN-address  no default (provided by us)
  * Client's password  no default (provided by us)
4) Bacula-FD configuration files are edited according to the information submitted
5) Bacula-FD service is started
6) Shortcut to bacula-backup.bat is created on user's desktop

Can you tell me how I can edit the installer to do just this ?

Thanks in advance,

Michael Neuwahl
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