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[Bacula-devel] feature request: "Maximum Concurrent Jobs" for drives when used with changer device

Item 1:   "Maximum Concurrent Jobs" for drives when used with changer device
  Origin: Ralf Gross ralf-lists <at> ralfgross.de
  Date:   2008-12-12
  Status: Initial Request

  What:   respect the "Maximum Concurrent Jobs" directive in the _drives_
          Storage section in addition to the changer section

  Why:    I have a 3 drive changer where I want to be able to let 3 concurrent
	  jobs run in parallel. But only one job per drive at the same time.
	  Right now I don't see how I could limit the number of concurrent jobs
          per drive in this situation.

  Notes:  Using different priorities for these jobs lead to problems that other
	  jobs are blocked. On the user list I got the advice to use the "Prefer Mounted
	  Volumes" directive, but Kern advised against using "Prefer Mounted
          Volumes" in an other thread:

	  In addition I'm not sure if this would be the same as respecting the
          drive's "Maximum Concurrent Jobs" setting.


          Storage {
            Name = Neo4100
            Address = ....
            SDPort = 9103
            Password = "wiped"
            Device = Neo4100
            Media Type = LTO4
            Autochanger = yes
            Maximum Concurrent Jobs = 3
          Storage {
            Name = Neo4100-LTO4-D1
            Address = ....
            SDPort = 9103
            Password = "wiped"
            Device = ULTRIUM-TD4-D1
            Media Type = LTO4
            Maximum Concurrent Jobs = 1
          [2 more drives] 

	  The "Maximum Concurrent Jobs = 1" directive in the drive's section is ignored.

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