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[Bacula-devel] Restore problem (bug ?)

I have the following setup:
bacula 2.4.3: dir and sd runs on RHEL 4 (x86_64), client is CentOS5.
my storage device is an LTO3 tape drive with 11 slots

I started the restore job, but unfortunately I forgot to change the 
tapes in the library.
After a while I noticed that a "status sd" in bconsole gives BLOCKED ... 
so fare so good.
I tried to unmount the tape, but it was already unmounted.
I changed the tapes and run in the bconsole "update slots" and a mount 

While the right tapes are inserted bacula seams to ignore the new 
position of the tapes, because the system load a tape from the wrong 
position. I checked the mysql entries after the "slot update" procedure 
and everything seams to be OK, so I aspect that the slot information for 
a running job is not updated.

Any comments ?



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