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Re: [Bacula-devel] Debian Bacula vuln

>>> Easy fix - just use mktemp.
>> This is not really a "Bacula" problem because files in examples are
>> contributed code and not used or "supported" by the project.
> Well, OK, but it really IS an easy fix.  This is not tested, but  
> something like this should suffice:
> ...
> 	   loaded)
> 	       tempfile=`mktemp -t` || exit 33 # Or whatever nonzero exit  
> code is appropriate
> 	       ${MTX} -f $ctl status > $tempfile
> 	      rtn=$?
> 	      cat $tempfile | grep "^Data Transfer Element $drive:Full" | awk  
> '{print $7}'
> 	      cat $tempfile | grep "^Data Transfer Element $drive:Empty" |  
> awk '{print 0}'
> 	      rm -$tempfile
> 	      exit $rtn
> 	      ;;

Better solution:

    mtx_status="`${MTX} -f $ctl status`"
    echo "$mtx_status" | grep "^Data Transfer Element $drive:Full" \
    | awk  '{print $7}'
    echo "$mtx_status" | grep "^Data Transfer Element $drive:Empty"\
    | awk '{print 0}'
    exit $rtn

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