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Re: [Bacula-devel] Backup Corruption with Certain Types of Drive

Dan Langille wrote:
> There was a problem, a few years back, but since solved, with FreeBSD's 
> pthreads.  It would cause data to be "written" to the end of the tape, 
> but it would not actually reach the tape.
>  http://mlblog.osdir.com/os.freebsd.devel.scsi/2003-06/msg00018.shtml

I am actually seeing the opposite of this; there is more data on the tape
than Bacula thinks it has written - one block more, to be exact!

> What OS are you running?

Sorry, I was intending to include this information, but I was concentrating
so hard on the content, I forgot!

Solaris 10 x86 (update 3 - 11/06)

> What version of Bacula?


> What is in your bacula-sd.conf file?

# Internal DDS3 Autochanger
Autochanger {
  Name = DDS3
  Device = DDS3-0
  Changer Command = "/usr/local/bacula/bin/mtx-changer %c %o %S %a %d"
  Changer Device = /dev/scsi/changer/c2t3d1

Device {
  Name = DDS3-0
  Media Type = DDS-3
  Archive Device = /dev/rmt/1cbn
  AutomaticMount = no
  AlwaysOpen = yes
  RemovableMedia = yes
  RandomAccess = no
  AutoChanger = yes


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