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[Bacula-devel] Bacula BETA release version 2.4.4-b1


We have just released the source tar file Bacula BETA version 2.4.4-b1 to the 
Bacula download area of Source Forge.

This BETA release fixes a number of bugs, including two recent bugs that 
caused deadlock situations in Bacula.  The most recent bug fix is not yet 
confirmed, but our regression tests all complete normally.

If you are experience problems with 2.4.3, we recommend you try this version 
keeping in mind that it is a beta version.

Feedback would be appreciated.

Best regards,


Beta Release 2.4.4-b1
This is an important bug fix to version 2.4.3.  All daemones are
compatible with prior 2.4.x version.

Bugs Fixed:
1192, 1110, 1175, 1188, and 1171

Change Summary:
- Apply 2.4.3-sd-deadlock.patch that should fix bug #1192.
- Remove extra db_lock() in get_prune_list_for_volume()
- Apply 2.4.3-prune-deadlock.patch that fixes a problem when
  using Catalog as message backend.
- Apply 2.4.3-win32-runscript-unicode-path.patch for #1110
  about a problem when executing a program with Unicode path.
- Apply 2.4.3-unique-inchanger.patch fix for #1175 about bad slot
  number if the volume is not in autochanger.
- Fix for bug #1188 where Volume is purged while writing
  on it.
- Get message enhancement to avoid job name lookup.
- Fix bug with job name duplication if more than 60 jobs created
  during a minute.
- Correct some bugs of cleanup in SD if the FD connection fails.
- Fix orphaned jobs (possible deadlock) while pruning.
- Backport of the btraceback script that keeps trace file on working dir
- Migrate DB Log records too. This fixes last part of bug #1171.
- Modify SQL so that jobs that failed will not be migrated.
- Correct bug where long retention periods caused immediate

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