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Re: [Bacula-devel] Backups to DVD defunct in recent versions?

> On Saturday 29 November 2008 18:05:02 Jari Fredriksson
> wrote: 
>>> Hello,
>>> Yes, the DVD code is unfortunately very difficult to
>>> maintain, and apparently no one in the community tested
>>> it while in beta phase, so it seems to be pretty
>>> seriously broken.
>>> We are considering (I have been doing so for some time)
>>> ripping it out and using DVD filesystems which allow
>>> more or less normal appends to DVDs.
>> Someone mentioned that 2.0.2 would work. Would it be
>> possible to add that tarball to sourceforge, as it is
>> not there anymore. 
> All releases are always there, I just "hide" displaying
> them after awhile when we no longer support them to avoid
> confusion.  There is some way to directly access all
> releases, but I forget how.  In any case, I have
> temporarily activated that release ... 
>> I have been a month without any backup solution, after
>> my DAT died, and I invested lots of money to a
>> DVD-writer + media + storage bag for those. If 
>> 2.0.2 works, it would be a great temporary solution.
> Good luck with it,
> Kern

I have not taken a 2.0.2 backup with multiple parts, and an another backup after it, a restore, diff..

And it seems to be working!

Thanks, Kern!

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