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Re: [Bacula-devel] Director bug when using two storage daemons?

On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 09:41:36AM -0500, Phil Stracchino wrote:
> Graham Keeling wrote:
> > On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 08:54:13AM -0500, Phil Stracchino wrote:
> > > ...  (If I were doing it, I'd dedicate a
> > > separate pool to each SD, and an SD to each job.)
> > 
> > The more complicated scenario that caused me to start this thread
> > and produce the simple test script involved having two different
> > jobs using two different pools, sending data to two separate storage
> > daemons.
> Then I'm not sure I see the applicability of the simplified
> single-daemon test case.

A test case doesn't have to be realistic if it shows the same problem
as a more complex case that's harder to simulate.  Once the problem is
understood and fixed in the test, the fix can be checked to make sure
it addresses the 'real' problem.

The simple test case successfully and reliably provokes behaviour where
autoprune silently trashes a volume being used by a running job.  That's
proved to be a pretty useful in tracing what happens.  Now that we know a
little more about what's going on we can devise a more realistic test, if
that's desired: I think it would be easy since the precondition seems to
be only that two jobs running concurrently can draw volumes from the same
pool, or even from two separate pools linked by the common scratch pool.

> I no longer have the early messages in the thread, unfortunately.

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