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Re: [Bacula-devel] Director bug when using two storage daemons?


I've analyzed your problem, and I know what is happening, but don't yet know 
how to resolve the problem.

The problem:
- You begin writing a giant job onto a Volume
- There are no other volumes available for writing (big mistake).
- You start a second job that needs a Volume to write on.
- The second job see that there are no JobMedia records associated with the 
Volume (not yet written), so it purges the Volume.
- A sort of chaos then follows.

- Stop running Bacula on the bleeding edge of Volume availablity. This is 
always a bad idea and frequently leads to unexpected situations.
- Don't only have a single volume available if that Volume can only store one 
Job (according to your settings), and you start a second job while the first 
is running but before it has written at least 1GB of data.

- I don't have one, because we have no way to "lock" a volume from being 
purged.  Any thing we might do would be prone to errors if the SD should fail 
while the volume was "locked".

Bottom line: it is easy to work around this problem, and unless we are lucky 
and come up with a good idea, I don't see that there is any easy way to 
resolve the problem.

Best regards,


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