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Re: [Bacula-devel] Autoprune bug (was Re: Director bug when using two storage daemons?)

On Monday 17 November 2008 12:18:38 Graham Keeling wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 09:12:00AM +0000, Graham Keeling wrote:
> > llist volume=TestVolume0001
> > localhost-dir: ua_output.c:255-0 list: llist volume=TestVolume0001
> >           MediaId: 1
> >        VolumeName: TestVolume0001
> ...
> >      FirstWritten: 2008-11-17 09:03:50
> >       LastWritten: 0
> >         LabelDate: 2008-11-17 09:03:50
> ...
> >      VolRetention: 31536000
> I've now done an 'llist jobmedia' just after that, too. It said this:
> > llist jobmedia
> > localhost-dir: ua_output.c:255-0 list: llist jobmedia
> > No results to list.
> I think that the problem is probably down to one (or both) of two things:
> a) The Media record has a 'LastWritten' time of 0, so
> LastWritten+VolRetention ends up being far in the past, but perhaps
> autoprune doesn't work quite like this.
> b) Perhaps more likely - there is not yet a JobMedia record linking the Job
> to the Media, so autoprune thinks that no more jobs are associated with the
> Media and marks it as purged, as these lines indicate (after it did a few
> SQL commands involving joining the JobMedia and Media tables).
> 17-Nov 09:03 localhost-dir JobId 2: There are no more Jobs associated with
> Volume "TestVolume0001". Marking it purged. 17-Nov 09:03 localhost-dir
> JobId 2: All records pruned from Volume "TestVolume0001"; marking it
> "Purged"

Yes, surely something like that is happening.  It should not prune because the 
time has not expired, but also because it is a running job.  On the other 
hand, you are running Bacula in this way on a razor edge, so I don't consider 
this problem very "serious" -- you do not have a sufficient number of 
volumes, and Bacula should normally block, which is improper configuration. 

There will always be end cases such as this were Bacula decides that the only 
way out is to do something more drastic.  That said, I will look at it and 
try to find out why it is pruning when it should not.



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