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Re: [Bacula-devel] patch: use DLL_IMP_EXP for all exported symbols on win32

On Saturday 15 November 2008 10:38:58 rgh wrote:
> Eric Bollengier wrote:
> > Le Friday 14 November 2008 17:20:59 Kern Sibbald, vous avez écrit :
> >> If we can automate the make_def script so that it really works (I just
> >> cut and pass the appropriate output into the real .def file) then that
> >> would even be better.
> >
> > I think that the dlltool from mingw is there to handle the def file
> > generation. I will do some research to see how it works.
> Good idea! I've made some quick tests.
> Unfortunately, while works perfectly for mingw, it appears to have some
> troubles with msvc, because it exports too many symbols (some of wich
> appears to be linked to memory addresses, so are likely to change with
> every build).
> But I just realized that bacula.dll is less than 400Kb, so perhaps the
> simplest and more effective solution would be getting rid of the dll and
>   do only a static library.
> All said and done, most of the windows systems out there will run only
> the file daemon, so a dll doesn't do any good. It will more likely
> *increase* the memory footprint, because the dll contains code not used
> by filed.

I think we should try to keep bacula.dll if at all possible for a number of 

1. Though not currently the case, we would like to use it directly from 

2. On a server system, it is used by DIR, FD, SD, bconsole, and bat so it give 
a significant reduction is both binary sizes as well as total memory foot 

3. Even on a non-server system, one is likely to have FD, a bunch of the SD 
tools that also use it, and wxconsole, bconsole, and bat, all of which use 

I only see a downside to removing bacula.dll. If dlltool can already our task 
of building the dlls without a .def file then we are way ahead of where we 
are now.  

Best regards,


> Systems running dir and sd, on the other hand, are unlikey to be harmed
> by a few extra kb.
> dlltool could still be used to build cats dlls.
> Riccardo

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