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Re: [Bacula-devel] patch: use DLL_IMP_EXP for all exported symbols on win32

Eric Bollengier wrote:
> Le Friday 14 November 2008 17:20:59 Kern Sibbald, vous avez écrit :

>> If we can automate the make_def script so that it really works (I just cut
>> and pass the appropriate output into the real .def file) then that would
>> even be better.
> I think that the dlltool from mingw is there to handle the def file 
> generation. I will do some research to see how it works.

Good idea! I've made some quick tests.
Unfortunately, while works perfectly for mingw, it appears to have some 
troubles with msvc, because it exports too many symbols (some of wich 
appears to be linked to memory addresses, so are likely to change with 
every build).

But I just realized that bacula.dll is less than 400Kb, so perhaps the 
simplest and more effective solution would be getting rid of the dll and 
  do only a static library.
All said and done, most of the windows systems out there will run only 
the file daemon, so a dll doesn't do any good. It will more likely 
*increase* the memory footprint, because the dll contains code not used 
by filed.
Systems running dir and sd, on the other hand, are unlikey to be harmed 
by a few extra kb.
dlltool could still be used to build cats dlls.


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