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Re: [Bacula-devel] Director bug when using two storage daemons?

On Tuesday 11 November 2008 12:51:56 Graham Keeling wrote:
> Hello,
> Since my last email, I found out that you only need one director, one file
> daemon, and one storage daemon in order to see the problem.
> Since there has been no response to my last email, I tried to come up with
> an easy way for others to demonstrate it for themselves.
> So, I made a regress test.
> I've called the test 'broken-media-bug-test', and it does this:
> a) creates a huge 300M file in the build directory
> b) starts job "First" (using fileset Set1) backing up the build directory
> c) waits 5 seconds
> d) starts job "Second" (using fileset Set2) backing up the build directory
> e) waits for both jobs to finish
> f) tries to restore the build directory using fileset Set1.
> The restore doesn't manage to restore all the files, and looking back at
> the debug output, you can see the volume that the first backup creates
> being stomped on by the second backup.
> The patch for the test is attached, along with a file containing the
> REGRESS_DEBUG=1 output that it gives. The problem can be seen in the output
> around line 453, where it decides to purge the Volume.

Please add a "list volumes" after step c and send us the job output.

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