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[Bacula-devel] errors building trunk docs

I get two errors trying to build trunk docs.  Being a complete tex 
newbie, I don't know if those are genuine bugs or simply artifact of my 
configuration (I'm working on a mandriva 2009 x86_64).

1. latex processing aborts with
"TeX capacity exceeded, sorry [parameter stack size=5000]"
Apparently, the error appears on \elink, when the second parameter is 
enclosed by \url, like this
If I change to
everithing works (BTW, the link appears correctly in the final document).

2. during dvipdf I get
"Could not find figure file /trunk/docs/images/bacula-logo.eps; continuing"
and the resulting pdf comes without the first page logo.
Needles to say that the file exists and has proper permissions.
Googling around I found a post relating this error to a change of dvips 
defaults, with a secure mode enabled by default which disallows reading 
external files.
Using -R0 on dvipdf command line indeed works, so I'm inclined to see 
this as a real bug.

May I ask someone more knowledgeable to help ?


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