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[Bacula-devel] Logic in truncating DVD?

Trying to figure out how DVD should be handled.

Labeling a blank DVD creates a 204 bytes long "label" file, but after purge/recycle the file is 0 bytes long. This seems to be per desing when reading stored/dvd.c - bool truncate_dvd(DCR *dcr)

After recycle and mount, block.c:1012 reports zero bytes read, and label.c:156 says

wellington-sd: label.c:156-0 Requested Volume "DVDRW-004" on "DVD_RW" (/dev/hdc) is not a Bacula labeled Volume, because: ERR=block.c:1012 Read zero bytes at 0:0 on device "DVD_RW" (/dev/hdc).

I posted a bug report 1186, but meanwhile, I try to find out whats going on and maybe make a patch for my own use, if not for common use.

So, someone must know what is the idea here? Should there be a 204 bytes or 0 bytes for label? How was it planned from the beginning? Should the label.c somehow cope with the 0 byte label and build it from the filename only, or how?

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