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[Bacula-devel] using the current tape

If someone can elaborate, I'll post back to users@

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> From: Tilman Schmidt <t.schmidt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: November 6, 2008 5:23:53 AM EST
> To: Dan Langille <dan@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Cc: bacula-users <bacula-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: [Bacula-users] What new feature are you waiting for?
> Am 05.11.2008 22:03 schrieb Dan Langille:
>> - Bacula has known how to use the current tape that is a drive for a
>> long time
>> now.  It is discouraged, but just a matter of configuration.
> I'm sorry but I'm starting to have serious doubts about that.
> I have been trying for a long time and in many different ways
> to get that to work, and each time I ask a question here why
> my latest attempt doesn't work either, the answer is "post
> config", "post log", and then: silence.
> Surely if it really was just a matter of configuration then
> somebody should know how to actually configure it?
> And if it is discouraged, what is the recommended alternative?
> Thanks,
> -- 
> Tilman Schmidt
> Phoenix Software GmbH
> Bonn, Germany

Dan Langille

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