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Re: [Bacula-devel] Restore Problems

> Use bscan with -V option for check your volumes.
I got this, while doing a bscan.

bscan: butil.c:282 Using device: "dev_storage04_45" for reading.
03-Nov 09:28 bscan JobId 0: Ready to read from volume
"vol_XXX_full_0002" on device "dev_storage04_45" (/storage04/45/).
bscan: bscan.c:488 VOL_LABEL: OK for Volume: vol_XXX_full_0002
03-Nov 09:29 bscan JobId 0: Error: block.c:318 Volume data error at
Block checksum mismatch in block=44771 len=64512: calc=2c786463 blk=7db714dc
Records would have been added or updated in the catalog:
      1 Media
      1 Pool
      1 Job
  81586 File

Is it safe to do a "-m"/"-s"  ? 
NOTE- I have a catalog actively working.

> I get broken the volume when ends the disk space:
> "...bscan JobId 0: Error: read_record.c:142 block.c:1091 Volume data
> error at 2:283381759! Short block of 3161 bytes on device..."
> Try to use "SpoolData = yes" in Job resource.
Forgot to mention that I am using raid disks ( SATA ) for storage servers.
Is this parameter "SpoolData" still be required  ?

Thank you,
- Dinesh

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