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Re: [Bacula-devel] Restore Problems

2008/11/3 Dinesh Gunasekar <dinesh.gunasekar@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hello all,
> I lately got bacula-2.4.2 installed, and I recently noted something, which I
> am not sure if it is a feature or a problem.
> I did a restore from a full backup job, and it failed.
> It said this -  ( note :  /home/xxxxxxxxxxx * *** .mp4  is not the actual
> file name )
> 31-Oct 11:38 storage04 JobId 64: Error: block.c:318 Volume data error at
> 1:2752323442!
> Block checksum mismatch in block=109241 len=64512: calc=833b9fbe
> blk=fd5daefd
> 31-Oct 11:38 bacula-dir1-fd JobId 64: Error: attribs.c:421 File size of
> restored file /home/xxxxxxxxxxx * *** .mp4 not correct. Original 272732160,
> restored 207093760.
> 31-Oct 11:38 bacula-XXX JobId 64: Error: Bacula bacula-XXX 2.4.2 (26Jul08):
> 31-Oct-2008 11:38:32


>  Not sure why this happened, but I have hit this case very often.

Use bscan with -V option for check your volumes.

I get broken the volume when ends the disk space:

"...bscan JobId 0: Error: read_record.c:142 block.c:1091 Volume data
error at 2:283381759! Short block of 3161 bytes on device..."

Try to use "SpoolData = yes" in Job resource.

with best regards

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