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[Bacula-devel] Restore Problems

Hello all,

I lately got bacula-2.4.2 installed, and I recently noted something, which I am not sure if it is a feature or a problem.
I did a restore from a full backup job, and it failed.

It said this -  ( note :  /home/xxxxxxxxxxx * *** .mp4  is not the actual file name )

31-Oct 11:38 storage04 JobId 64: Error: block.c:318 Volume data error at 1:2752323442!
Block checksum mismatch in block=109241 len=64512: calc=833b9fbe blk=fd5daefd
31-Oct 11:38 bacula-dir1-fd JobId 64: Error: attribs.c:421 File size of restored file /home/xxxxxxxxxxx * *** .mp4 not correct. Original 272732160, restored 207093760.
31-Oct 11:38 bacula-XXX JobId 64: Error: Bacula bacula-XXX 2.4.2 (26Jul08): 31-Oct-2008 11:38:32
  Build OS:               x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu debian 4.0
  JobId:                  64
  Job:                    RestoreFiles.2008-10-31_11.30.19
  Restore Client:         bacula-dir1-fd
  Start time:             31-Oct-2008 11:30:02
  End time:               31-Oct-2008 11:38:32
  Files Expected:         777,584
  Files Restored:         105,447
  Bytes Restored:         12,753,943,132
  Rate:                   25007.7 KB/s
  FD Errors:              3
  FD termination status:  Error
  SD termination status:  Error
  Termination:            *** Restore Error ***

This seems to happen for full backups, that I tried.
I have to do a restore again, and unmark that particular file ( which had size mismatch ) and do it again. 
And then another file had the same problem, and I have to do this over and over again.
Now, the size of the total data to be restored is ~150Gb. It is really annoying to start over , and over again. It takes a huge time to complete the restore.

According to the documentation, it said that restore does not abort on such errors.
Even the code src/findlibs/attrib.c seems to suggest that err level/type is M_ERROR, which should suggests that job should not fail. ( If I am not wrong ;) )
       Jmsg3(jcr, M_ERROR, 0, _("File size of restored file %s not correct. Original %s, restored %s.\n"),

The thing to note here is that size of the file restored is smaller than what is mentioned in the catalog. Not sure why this happened, but I have hit this case very often.
Is this the reason, why the restore job failed ? If this is the case, is there a way I can disable this feature ?

Thank you,
- Dinesh

Bacula compiled with
     ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/bacula-2.4.2/ --sbindir=/usr/local/bacula-2.4.2/bin --sysconfdir=/usr/local/bacula-2.4.2/bin --with-working-dir=/usr/local/bacula-2.4.2/bin/working --with-pid-dir=/usr/local/bacula-2.4.2/bin/working --with-subsys-dir=/usr/local/bacula-2.4.2/bin/working --enable-batch-insert --enable-smartalloc --enable-largefile --enable -readline --disable-build-stored --with-base-port=9101 --with-mysql --with-dir-password=bacula --with-fd-password=bacula --with-sd-password=bacula --with-smtp-host=localhost

Full and incremental volumes are maintained on different pools.

Bacula-fd of the client which was backed up is 2.0.3.

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