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Re: [Bacula-devel] fix for build-depkgs-mingw32 failing on nsis

On Wednesday 29 October 2008 12:48:27 James Harper wrote:
> The following diff to nsis allows depkgs-mingw32 to succeed on my build
> machine (from sourceforge svn):
> http://nsis.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/nsis/NSIS/trunk/Source/util.cpp?r
> 1=5429&r2=5564
> For the people for whom building does work already - will the above
> patch break things for you? If not, I can fix the build-depkgs-mingw32
> script so that it patches after download. A better idea might be to
> upgrade to a new version of nsis though - 2.40 is the latest I think.

It looks like the original code was just plain wrong and would cause a crash, 
so I see no harm in applying the patch.

Upgrading to the latest package is also a good idea.  However, it is a bit 
harder because you will very likely need to "upgrade" our patch to it.  The 
original code didn't expect to be cross compilied.  I have upgraded a few 
packages, and it is not too hard, but it takes a bit of careful checking the 
details of the previous patch to see what parts should and what parts should 
not be applied.   Bottom line.  If you wish, please go ahead and upgrade the 
package ...



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