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Re: [Bacula-devel] Patches

> > > free,
> > > no problem, but i prefere spend my time with new features and bugs
> > > hunting.
> >
> > 2nd option is to package the source diffs into RPM and APT, and
> > those via a repository. Applying a diff is a fairly simple
> > and people who care about most recent binaries can do rpmbuild -bb
> > their own systems easily enough if the source is correctly packaged.
> >
> > Coming up with a source patch RPM and APT template isn't rocket
> > and it's basic support discipline to not release applications or
> > that circumvent the software management system if there is one.

This approach also gives you prereq control for source updates as well
as versioning, which is a Very Good Thing for commercial delivery.

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