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Re: [Bacula-devel] DBI, make_sqlite_table and make_sqlite3_table


This looks like a resonable fix to me, so I will try to integrate it today or 



On Sunday 26 October 2008 13:41:46 João Henrique Freitas wrote:
> I have a problem with libdbi and sqlite*
> In libdbi driver for sqlite and sqlite3  CHAR columns are interpreted like
> INTEGER values and CHAR( like TEXT. (only in sqlite and sqlite3 drivers)
> This is a problem because in table Job, the column Level is CHAR. If I
> store the value 'F', the libdbi driver will interpreted like the
> number 70 because the type of column is CHAR. If the type of the
> column is CHAR( the value will be interpreted correctly by dbi.
> Attached to this email is a fix to make_sqlite_tables.in. I belive
> this is inexpensive change in sqlite* schema.
> Before, about seven regression tests failed to complete. After this
> change only two failed.
> Thanks..

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