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[Bacula-devel] Patches


For some time now, I haven't really been happy with the Bacula patch 
procedure. Basically, when we fix a bug (either from a bug report or 
ourselves), we usually generate a patch, post it to the bug report, if any, 
and upload it to the Bacula patches area of Source Forge.

Providing you are subscribed to the bugs database and to the bacula-patches 
release notification on Source Forge, you will see these patches and can 
apply them if you deem necessary.

The problems I have with this is that some people may not know about patches 
(we see this in bug reports where a problem is already resolved with a 
patch), and there is no formal mechanism for developers when generating a 

We already have more work than we can handle, so any change needs to be simple 
and not time consuming for developers, but I am wondering if anyone has 
suggestions how to improve this.  I can think of a few:

1. Change nothing (signing up for bugs and patch notification is already not
2. Announce patches to the bacula-devel list
3. Announce patches to the bacula-devel list and the bacula-users list
4. Announce patches to the bacula-announce list as well as the other two
5. Put patches in the news (time consuming and I doubt that many read news).
6. Create an rss feed (I doubt that many users use rss, and this also could be
    time consuming).

If anyone else has ideas we would like to hear them.

Best regards,


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