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[Bacula-devel] Bacula BETA version 2.5.16 released


We have released Bacula BETA version 2.5.16 source tar file and Win32 binaries 
to the bacula-beta and win32-beta sections of the Bacula Source Forge 
download area.

This is our first beta version of the new development code, which we hope to 
release around the end of the year.  For the moment, the documentation is 
still being worked on so in some areas it is a bit sketch and not all the new 
features are yet documented.  You can find the documentation at:


Although, I am using this code in production and several other people are are 
as well, you should take note that it is beta code and probably not yet 
suitable for heavy duty production.  That said, it does pass our regression 
tests, which means that we are pretty sure that most 2.4.x features work.

We would appreciate feedback to the bacula-devel email list especially if the 
documentation is not clear, and you may submit bug reports to the bugs 
database on this version.  For the moment, the developers are very busy, so 
if there are any questions on this code, we would appreciate you first asking 
on the bacula-users list, and only if important ask on the developer's list.

This version (2.5.16) is upward compatible with prior versions and you can 
also use 2.4.x File daemons with the 2.5.16 DIR and SD.  However, you cannot 
use a 2.5.x File daemon with a 2.4.x DIR or SD.  No database upgrade is 
needed for version 2.5.16 (note, we have database upgrade scripts but we do 
not recommend you apply them at this time).

For those of you who are using the trunk SVN for to build Bacula, please be 
aware that in the near future, we will be changing the catalog database 
format in a way that will not be compatible with prior versions, so a 
database upgrade will be required (will be announced on the bacula-devel 
list), and you will not be able to easily fall back to prior versions.  
Consequently the next beta release will require a database upgrade.  The 
primary reason for the upgrade is conversion to using 64 bit FileId values 
and adding new tables (job history, job statistics, and perhaps device data).

Best regards,



       Release Notes for Bacula 2.5.16

  Bacula code: Total files = 517 Total lines = 199,415 (*.h *.c *.in)

This Director and Storage daemon must be upgraded at the same time,
but they should be compatible with all 2.4.x File daemons, unless you
use some of the new features that affect the FD.  In other words, you should
not have to upgrade all your File daemons when you upgrade. There is
no database upgrade needed from version 2.4.x.  However, the next
BETA release will require a database upgrade.

==================   Warning !!!!!! ==========================
This BETA release of Bacula 2.5.x development code uses libtool
to generate the Bacula libraries as shared objects rather than
being directly linked in as in prior versions.  This means that
the Bacula shared objects, must either be in a shared object 
directory known to the loader or they must be in the directory
that may be specified on the ./configure line using the
--libdir option as:

  ./configure --libdir=/full-path/dir

the default /lib. If --libdir is specified, there should be
no need to modify your loader configuration provided that
the shared objects are installed in that directory (Bacula
does this with the make install command). The shared objects 
that Bacula references are:


If you have problems with libtool or you wish to use the old 
way of building static libraries, you can do so by disabling 
libtool on the configure command line with:

  ./configure --disable-libtool

This release includes large number of new features and changes.
It should be more or less compatible with previous xx.conf files
and File daemons providing that you are not using any of the new

Please see the New Features chapter of the new manual, which documents
some but not all the new features (we are still working on it):

The ChangeLog has more details.

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