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[Bacula-devel] Feature request: List inChanger flag when doing restore.

I dont know if an official feature request is needed for this "small 

Item n: List inChanger flag when doing restore.
   Origin: Jesper Krogh<jesper@xxxxxxxx>
   Date:   17 oct. 2008

	When doing a restore the restore selection dialog ends by telling stuff 
like this:
The job will require the following
    Volume(s)                 Storage(s)                SD Device(s)

    000741L3                  LTO-4                     LTO3 

    000866L3                  LTO-4                     LTO3 

    000765L3                  LTO-4                     LTO3 

    000764L3                  LTO-4                     LTO3 

    000756L3                  LTO-4                     LTO3 

    001759L3                  LTO-4                     LTO3 

    001763L3                  LTO-4                     LTO3 

    001762L3                  LTO-4                     LTO3 

    001767L3                  LTO-4                     LTO3 

When having an autochanger, it would be really nice with an inChanger 
column so the operator knew if this restore job would stop waiting for 
operator intervention. This is done just by selecting the inChanger flag 
from the catalog and printing it in a seperate column.

   Why:    This would help getting large restores through minimizing the 
time spent waiting for operator to drop by and change tapes in the library.

NB: The above is a "real" restore.

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