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[Bacula-devel] recover from invalid tape

Hi all,

     I need to recover some files from a tape but, after loading, bacula 
cannot mount it.

Opening the device with hexer I find the tape starting with a 
session/job header instead a volume header. So, the volume header is 
missing and bacula can't recognize the tape.

here the beginning of strings' output command on device in position 0:

> BB02
> 4Bacula 1.0 immortal
> w2k3-ap-nas1.porto.laspezia.it-data-pool
> Backup
> BACKUP w2k3-ap-nas1.porto.laspezia.it-data
> w2k3-ap-nas1.porto.laspezia.it-fd
> BACKUP_w2k3-ap-nas1.porto.laspezia.it-data.2008-05-23_23.05.15
> w2k3-ap-nas1.porto.laspezia.it-data-fileset

Then, looking in old email logs, I've notice that 
w2k3-ap-nas1.porto.laspezia.it-data.2008-05-23_23.05.15 is not the 1st 
backup on the volume... It is the 9th!

>   Build OS:               Linux Cross-compile Win32
>   JobId:                  9
>   Job:                    BACKUP_w2k3-ap-nas1.porto.laspezia.it-data.2008-05-23_23.05.15
>   Backup Level:           Incremental, since=2008-05-22 23:05:02
>   Client:                 "w2k3-ap-nas1.porto.laspezia.it-fd" 2.2.9-b6 (06Apr08) Linux,Cross-compile,Win32
>   FileSet:                "w2k3-ap-nas1.porto.laspezia.it-data-fileset" 2008-05-20 09:59:27
>   Pool:                   "w2k3-ap-nas1.porto.laspezia.it-data-pool" (From Job resource)
>   Storage:                "TapeDrive" (From Job resource)
>   Scheduled time:         23-May-2008 23:05:00
>   Start time:             23-May-2008 23:05:02
>   End time:               23-May-2008 23:56:31
>   Elapsed time:           51 mins 29 secs
>   Priority:               10
>   FD Files Written:       9,186
>   SD Files Written:       9,186
>   FD Bytes Written:       45,804,354,704 (45.80 GB)
>   SD Bytes Written:       45,806,468,610 (45.80 GB)
>   Rate:                   14828.2 KB/s
>   Software Compression:   None
>   VSS:                    yes
>   Storage Encryption:     no
>   Volume name(s):         w2k3-ap-nas1.porto.laspezia.it-data-0001
>   Volume Session Id:      9
>   Volume Session Time:    1211270345
>   Last Volume Bytes:      551,417,416,704 (551.4 GB)
>   Non-fatal FD errors:    0
>   SD Errors:              0
>   FD termination status:  OK
>   SD termination status:  OK
>   Termination:            Backup OK

The tape library is "HP Ultrium-3 400/800".

Really no idea how I reach this point.... But it was my 1st windows 
backup with bacula, so [my] human errror is the really probable!!

My objective is recover a file from Job 14 [It should be in this volume] 
but from bconsole, with bls or bextract I can't get anythings good, 
because they looking for a valid volume header... and I miss it.

Is there any tool to low-level recover files from a tape regardless
volume or jobs?

I would try to label the tape again with the name written in logs:
w2k3-ap-nas1.porto.laspezia.it-data-0001. Do you think it could work?

Remember that my important job is not in the beginning of the tape so 
lost data in the begin is not a problem.

Tnz 4 bacula.


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