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[Bacula-devel] Problems with the SVN


As I previously mentioned, I committed a change a bit too late last night that 
was meant to be a small cleanup of our rather big earlier change, but it 
created a few problems with the regression scripts causing them to all fail.

I believe that it is now all fixed in the current SVN trunk (no problems with 
Branch-2.4).  However, I recommend that everyone who is running nightly 
regressions tests to manually do the following if possible.  I am not 100% 
sure it is required, but it certainly won't hurt.   

cd <trunk-bacula>
svn update
cd <trunk-svn>
svn update
make distclean
make setup

After doing the above, you will have essentially re-initialized the regression 
test base, so that hopefully the nightly regressions will run.

There is still one script that will fail, but it is not serious.  

FYI, the regression tests should normally build Bacula using shared objects 
for the libraries rather than static compiled in libraries, so there may 
still be a few problems to be ironed out.

Thanks for your help testing, please keep it up, we need it more than ever 
before in order to ensure that our development version is solid.

Best regards,


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