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Re: [Bacula-devel] win32 restore warning on german umlauts

On Wednesday 15 October 2008 04:37:07 Matthew Rhoten wrote:
> I ran across this same problem at work recently. FindFirstFile, and
> _stat/_wstat if you're using the C runtime, definitely don't want to see
> the trailing path separator.
>  But I looked at the code a little bit too. In compat.cpp I noticed that on
> 9x systems, bacula-fd will call FindFirstFileA (and other -A APIs) using
> UTF-8-encoded pathnames — rather than in the correct encoding for the
> system/user locale.
>  Are 9x backup clients even supported?

The code is there, but I don't have any 9x systems any more.  WinNT works 
fine -- I still have an NT system until the end of this year :-)

>  If so, they will pretty much only 
> work with an English OS and ASCII filenames. If not, then those code paths
> are stale anyway and could be taken out to simplify the compatibility layer
> a bit.
>   -matt

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