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[Bacula-devel] FileSet refactoring mockup (was: Re: Bacula Status)

* Martin Simmons schrieb am 07.10.08 um 13:23 Uhr:
> >>>>> On Tue, 7 Oct 2008 07:37:36 +0200, Kern Sibbald said:
> > 
> > 
> > I personally don't find it that confusing, but am willing to admit that some 
> > would.  So, what is the solution?   
> > 
> > Drop the feature?
> > 
> > Change the feature?
> Putting it outside the Include option and making it truely apply to the whole
> fileset would at least make it easier to define what it does.
> > If it involves programming, please realize that this is contributed code, and 
> > so any changes would have to be agreed on by some sort of consensus, and then 
> > done by someone other than the developers or perhaps by the author.
> I think the fileset syntax needs a complete overhaul.  

I thought about this some time now. Conclusion: The current
FileSet{} Syntax is good, but IMO with some changes/improvements
it would be much more logical and easier to understand.

So I did a bit of a "Mockup" what I think how the FileSet would be
better structured maintaining the same flexibility:

Some definitions (many apply to the current syntax):

 * There are two possible sections in "FileSet": "Include" and "Exclude"
   There can be one or more Include and zero or one Exclude
 * NEW: FileWild and FileRegex, not only File can be used to select
   files in Include and Exclude
 * All files matching one of the File* statements will be included into or
   excluded from the backup accordingly.
 * Any File/FileRegex/FileWild statements can begin with a "!" to
   negate it.
 * What will be backed up or not can never be controlled from within
   an "Options" section.
 * Options sections will always only set/change parameters of
   files being selected for that particular include statement.

# Example fileset with comments:
FileSet {
  Name = "MyFileSet"

  Ignore FileSet Changes = <yes|no> # no change
  Enable VSS = <yes|no>             # no change

  Include {        # include /dev/sdf raw with sparse option

    Options {      # this option matches all File* statements
      Sparse = YES # within this Include statement

    File = "/dev/sdf"

  # include some dirs, SHA1 for every file,
  # compress all files not matching ".*\.(gz|bz2|tgz|tbz2)"
  Include {
    Options {            # this option matches all File* statements
      Signature   = SHA1 # within this Include statement

    # compress all files in this include section
    # _not_ matching ".*\.(gz|bz2|tgz|tbz2)"
    Options {
      WildRegex      = !".*\.(gz|bz2|tgz|tbz2)"
      Compression = GZIP
    File      = "/"             # begin at root, stay in FS
    File      = "/usr"          # additional FS mounted on /usr
    FileWild  = "/lib*"         # include /lib, /lib32, /lib64, ...
    FileWild  = "/usr/lib*"     # include /usr/lib, /usr/lib64, ...
    FileRegex = "/home/[a-f]*"  # include all home dirs beginning
                                # with one of a,b,c,d,e,f

  # exclude some of the previous selected files that we do not want
  # to backup:
  # everything in /tmp and every cache dir in user home dirs
  # this applies to any files that matched previously because this
  # section is at the end and thus processesd when!
  Exclude {
    File = /tmp
    FileRegex = "/home/*/[Cc]ache"

Comments please!

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