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[Bacula-devel] Bacula Regression


Frank Sweetser  has kindly installed the CDash application, which replaces the 
old Dart regression dashboard.  Dart is no longer supported (from what I 
understand), and CDash is maintained by KitSoft, which maintains cmake.

Anyway, I have switch the regression over to use the new dashboard -- 
everything should happen automatically, providing you do an:

svn update

on the regress directory before running the next regression tests (I have my 
nightly script do it automatically).  The new dashboard and the old one both 
are available, but I will not be looking at the old one any more, so please 

To see the results, you need to update your bookmark to go to:

http://regress.bacula.org and select the bacula project, or you can go 
directly to it with:


Many thanks to Frank for hosting and running the regession tests, and to those 
of you who run regression tests -- it is very important for the project.

Best regards,


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