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[Bacula-devel] Bacula version 2.4.3 released to Source Forge


This is to let you know that the source tar files and the Win32 binaries for 
Bacula version 2.4.3 have been released to the Bacula Source Forge download 

Release 2.4.3
 This is a bug fix to version 2.4.2.  All daemons are compatible
 with other 2.4.x versions.

Bugs Fixed:
  1159, 1162. 1149, 1128, 1143, 1140, 1129

Change Summary:
- Apply 2.4.2-cancel-non-running-jobs.patch to be able to cancel
  a non created job faster.
- This should correct bug #1159 where Migration does not properly
  respect the Migration Low Bytes directive.
- Fix typo in configure.in that breaks --with-db-password option
- This code should fix the race condition that leads to a Director
  crash at job end time when the job list is updated. This was reported
  in bug #1162.
- Remove all double quotes from SQLite creating script and
  replace by single quotes as suggested by John Huttley.
- Fix SQL case problem that may cause the failure of DiskToCatalog
  in bug #1149.
- Copy missing storage name into edit buffer. As far as I can tell
  this never caused a bug.
- Remove catalog dependency for bcopy
- Modify catalog scripts to have an easier packaging integration,
  using default variables.
  Make difference between SQLite3 and SQLite in db_get_type()
- Attempt to fix bug #1128 InChanger flag cleared during Migration
  job when reading from one autochanger and writing to another.
- Add more information to SD acquire.c INFO messages.
- Fix NULL Volume name error when reading and the drive must
  be switched.
- Fix a Verify InitCatalog problem where in certain cases
  a garbage filename may be entered in the verification database.  This
  fixes bug #1143.
- Add space after version before date in bat about dialog.
- Fix seg fault in Dir during estimate command with no level value
  given. This fixes bug #1140.
- Add message to migration job when the target job is already migrated.
  This closes bug #1129.

Unless some really serious new bug shows up, this will be the last release 
until the next major version (3.0.0), which we hope will be ready around the 
end of the year.

Best regards,


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