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Re: [Bacula-devel] Alternative DB proposal

Yuri Timofeev wrote:
> Good work!
> But...
> I think the test is not quite correct. ;)
> I am talking about the command "COPY" in PostgreSQL.
> In other words, I think that COPY and INSERT performed differently.
> "COPY" must be implemented faster than individual "INSERT" into real Bacula Job.
> I may be wrong.
> To make the most correct test, we must take the bacula source code and
> based on it to make gen_filetable.c, for example.
> We must  use INSERTs instead COPY.

INSERT in a transaction should perform "similar" to "copy". You could 
even do a insert with multiple tuples. But single inserts will 
absolutely be slower than copy due to parsing/copying and transaction 


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