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[Bacula-devel] Report on Backup Exec 12.5

I attended the seminar for this product that was released on the 7 th 

There were a couple of facilities that were notable.

First, its well suited to backing up virtual machines.  It will discover 
vmware hosts and all the guests on them.
It will use VSS to quiecse the applications on the Guest VM and then 
take a snapshot of the SAN. The Image backup then proceeds
at high speed from the SAN to the BE media server at high speed, using 
the NDMP protocol shipped with the SAN.
They have put quite a bit of effort into supporting NDMP configurations.

Secondly, the image backup performed as above is a result of the VM 
agent. They also sell another agent for doing 'granular' restores.
This lets you open up the image and restore a file from it.

They current mechanism is to restore the image from tape to the media 
server and then mount it.
We could do that too!
They are about to improve it where they can just assemble a set of files 
by reading data directly from the tape.
We could do that too!

This 'granular' feature is very popular and is built in to, or an 
addition to, their application specific clients, (all windows).

Image Files: as above.
Exchange: backup the mailstore, restore it all, just one user, just one 
Sharepoint: restore the whole thing or just one document.
Active Directory: restore the whole thing or just one object.
SQL: full backup,  differential or logging.

Big systems use SANs and and SANs use NDMP. Like it or not.
Developing support will be hard since you need a SAN to develop with.
They are expensive.

The ability to open up a image file and restore from it would be an 
interesting project for someone.


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