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Re: [Bacula-devel] Alternative DB proposal

That was next on my list. Not something I've done before so I'm glad to hear that someone else has done it.

Where will I find this code?



Eric Bollengier wrote:
Hello John,

An other solution that doesn't require any additional code and no database 
structure modification, is to use a PL function to extract mtime, ctime, 
size, block_size etc... from LStat field.

This function is available on Postgresql and now on Mysql (thanks to Kjetil). 

The only drawback that i see with this PL function, is that you *should* avoid 
to use it in WHERE or JOIN clauses. But, it works very well for reporting and 


Le Tuesday 07 October 2008 04:50:50 John Huttley, vous avez écrit :
My first test are complete.
To aid in getting all the questions/answers and results in one place,
I've made a wiki entry.


My scripts are attached.


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