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Re: [Bacula-devel] Alternative DB proposal

All detail I have is on the wiki, but to repeat,
add 2 datetime and a long integer sends the insert time from 520 to 532 minutes, an increase of 2.3 %

Size increase of DB too small to detect on my system, thus it is under 1%.


Kern Sibbald wrote:
On Tuesday 07 October 2008 04:50:50 John Huttley wrote:
My first test are complete.
To aid in getting all the questions/answers and results in one place,
I've made a wiki entry.


My scripts are attached.


Can you present a concise summary of the times to insert with and without the 
extra fields and the sizes of the resulting databases?

Then I think people can start to have some idea of the possible costs of this 
proposal.  Also at some point, if we really want to proceed, we *may* need 
similar tests with MySQL, but that is not necessary for the moment.



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