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Re: [Bacula-devel] Regression 'make setup' broken in svn?

On Tue, Oct 07, 2008 at 02:31:13PM +0100, Graham Keeling wrote:
> I've just been trying to build the regression tests from svn (checked out
> last night).

The reason that I want to do this is that I've been trying out the VirtualFull
feature again, and I think there are still a problem or two with it. So, I'd
like to prove it using the regression tests (or adding a new test).

Firstly, when running a VirtualFull, it doesn't seem to include all the
Incrementals since the last Full. So, for example, I might do...
a) Full
b) Incr
c) Incr
d) Incr
...and then run a VirtualFull, and the log will only mention the backups
created in (a), (b) and (d), and miss out (c) completely. There doesn't seem
to be an obvious pattern to the ones that it misses out.

Secondly, the VirtualFull Job that I end up with has a StartTime the same as
the Full ('a' in the example above), which doesn't seem right.

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