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Re: [Bacula-devel] bat for windows

On Tuesday 07 October 2008 00:33:51 James Harper wrote:
> Can anyone offer a guess at the effort required to make bat build and
> run under windows? Is anyone working on this at the moment?

We have the cross compiling working, and it runs, but there are problems of 
stability; it crashes at almost any point and seems quite slow -- I just have 
not had the time to get back to it.  The cross compiling is about 2/3 
integrated.  For example, we haven't yet tried to cross compile Qt, but pull 
their binaries and manually merge them, and bat is not yet integrated into 
the installer.

If you are interested in working on it, that would really be appreciated.

Let me know, and perhaps later today or Wed, I can try building it here again 
to make sure there are no problems.  I think building it is documented in one 
of the README.xxx files in src/win32.


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