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Re: [Bacula-devel] [Bacula-users] Bacula Status

>>>>> On Mon, 6 Oct 2008 13:05:49 +0200, Kern Sibbald said:
> On Monday 06 October 2008 06:22:51 Troy Daniels wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Not sure if this has been discussed elsewhere (been offline for a week
> > or so, so am still catching up on my emails :) )
> Yes.
> >
> > > It is not too late to change the name of the directive, but I would like
> > > to see some discussion/input on this.  Although I don't have any strong
> > > attachment to "Ignore Dir",  I think I personally prefer it to "Exclude
> > > Flag File", which will be harder for me to remember.
> >
> > I found 'IgnoreDir' to be non intuitive - Looking at it, it initially
> > struck me as an option to specify a directory to ignore rather than to
> > specify a file to cause a directory to be ignored. ie, Ignore Dir =
> > "SVN" would ignore the directory if *it was called* "SVN" not *if it
> > contained* a file/dir with that name.
> >
> > To make it more clearer, maybe one of the following:
> >
> > Ignore Dir Containing
> > Exclude Dir Containing
> > Ignore Dir Holding
> > Ignore Dir Holding
> >
> > Using the Exclude* syntax would keep it in line with current Bacula
> > naming conventions as well.
> Thanks for your comments.

If it hasn't been done already, it could be useful to consider how this
affects the mental model that users have of the include/exclude algorithm
(which is already a source of some difficulty).  This applies to the fstypes
and drivetypes directives as well.

There are two things about these directives that make them different from

1) The current implementation is within the Options clause, so the config can
   potentially have more than one per fileset.  Is that desirable or does it
   just over-complicate the issue?

2) The directories are excluded *after* being included in the backup according
   to the Options matching.  In all other cases, an exclude cannot override a
   matching include.

I may be less confusing to put the new directive at the top level of the
fileset directive, outside any of the Include or Exclude clauses.


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