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Re: [Bacula-devel] Bacula Status

> Unfortunately, a "Dirs Containing" within an Include section is not
> possible.
> Without going into all the details, simply try to imagine an algorithm
> implement -- not possible, IMO.

Depends on precisely where the pattern matching is done. If the FD->SD
protocol were modified to pass a pattern to the FD to match, and the FD
did the check for the flag file at the beginning of each directory
recursion, then it's not too hard. I think you did a versioning of the
protocol at some point, didn't you? 

> > for now I'm in favour of just renaming the option to "Exclude Dirs
> > Containing".

Works for me, although I really like the idea of putting it in Exclude
and Include from a long-term perspective. It seems to conceptually fit
better there. 

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