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[Bacula-devel] Fwd: Windows File daemon problems with VSS on 64 bit systems.


Several of you have had problems with Bacula's Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) on 64 
bit windows systems.  I have just made a modification to the FD that stands 
about a 50% chance of fixing this problem, and I would appreciate it if 
someone would test the new file daemon.

Warning, this is a development version of the Windows FD, and may or may not 
work.  I think it will be compatible with older Directors and Storage 
daemons, but I cannot be certain, so test this with caution.

You can find the installer binary at:


Feedback would be appreciated,


PS: Sorry if you get this twice. I originally sent it with the wrong userid, 
so I think it was blocked because that user is not subscribed to the lists.

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