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[Bacula-devel] Bacula documentation


  "  I am not sure how the manual is generated, maybe adding version in  
     paranthesis after the option would be easy:

    e.g.  IgnoreDir (V3.0.0)

    This way you only have to maintain one manual and if someone is reading a
     manual and is using older version, he/she can easily make a decision
     whether he/she should upgrade to the new version in order to use the new 
     option. "

I never cease to be amazed how easy it is to use the words "would be easy", 
when yes, it is easy, but it is terribly time consuming.

After about two hours of working with LaTeX, I have put up a version of the 
Concepts manual that has the version in the header on each page.   I 
personally prefer the old way of doing it, but if a majority of users prefer 
seeing the version on each page, I will leave it.  Note, however, that 
this "easy" task will undoubtedly take another 4-6 hours to implement in all 
the 7 Bacula manuals in each of the three languages.

If I don't hear some significant positive response for this new format, I will 
put it back to the old format (section and chapter) in the next couple of 

If anyone is tempted to make additional proposals, I will be happy to consider 
them, but if you want them to be implemented, please include a note along 
with your proposal that says you will implement it, and supply a patch that 
corrects our English, German, and French manuals.  

Best regards,


PS: Please, when responding to my Status messages, start a new thread, or at a 
minumum do not include the French language email list in your response -- it 
just floods them with English that not all of them understand.  Thanks :-)

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