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[Bacula-devel] Bacula Status


I would like to give you a status of where the Bacula project is as I see it 
and where we are going.

Current release:

The current production release is 2.4.2, and it seems quite stable. There are 
a few patches against it, so we will be releasing a bug fix 2.4.3 update 
shortly that has all those patches integrated.

Development version:

Our development version 2.5.x (to be released as 3.0.0) is progressing quite 
nicely.  We are documenting the features that we have added, testing them, 
and in a few cases, completing the implementation.  The feature set is 
probably the most important of any release to date, and if you are 
interested, please take a look at our preliminary documentation at:


If all goes as planned, we will release a beta version of 2.5.x in the next 
week or so, and the final release will be made around the end of the year. 
2.5.x is proving quite stable, but some of the new features as expected need 
a bit more fine tuning.  Fortunately, we already have a few beta testers 
(including myself) who are using the new features (Accurate backup, Copy, 
plugins, ...) and are reporting back to us.

Good news:

As most of you know, I have been the only full time developer working on 
Bacula since the beginning.  However, we now have a second person, Eric 
Bollengier, who  since the beginning of October is dedicated to the Bacula 
project.  I am really pleased with this, and you probably already know that 
Eric has already made very significant contributions of code in the past, 
starting in early 2003 and  has implemented a substantial number of the new 
features in version 2.5.x.
Welcome aboard Eric!  :-)

More good news:

You have probably read some of my previous emails about creating a 
professional services company to be able to satisfy the needs of enterprises 
and thus accellerate the acceptance of Bacula in the commercial world.  It 
has taken an enormous effort, and as I mentioned, it has temporarily diverted 
about 50% of my energies from the Bacula project for the last six months, but 
I believe the final benefits will far outweight the temporary costs.  For 
example, having Eric dedicated to the Bacula project was made possible by the 
existence of this new company.  Creating the company has been two years in 
the making, and now this professional services company is now a reality, and 
I will be officially announcing it next week, and I think you will be pleased 
how we have structured it.

Best regards,


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