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Re: [Bacula-devel] rsync link behavior

On Wednesday 01 October 2008 17:50:24 Eli Shemer wrote:
> Hey there,
> After doing several incremental backups of our remote servers, I've noticed
> the backup sizes and transfer time are just too long.
> Making bacula almost completely improper for backing up remote servers with
> big single files.

Yes, you need high speed connections.

> I wanted to know whether someone actually got to implement an incremental
> backup to act like rsync does upon file changes ?

It is a project we are currently discussing as possible in a release following 
3.0.0 scheduled around the end of the year -- i.e. we hope to begin the 
project sometime in 2009.  If there is commercial funding of this project 
(already one company interested) we could probably speed it up.

> I'm looking to write a patch to the save_file callback in the bacula-fd's
> backup procedure to utilize the gnu's diff and patches and to send those
> over the line to the bacula-sd. Of course a corresponding implementation in
> the storage device will also be required.

Unless I am missing I am not sure such a patch would be very appropriate.  For 
it to work, you would need both the original file and the new modified file, 
and I am not sure how you will accomplish that. In addition, diff and patches 
only work for source files, which is rather limiting.

If you do figure out some clever way to have both files, then it would be 
*much* better to add some code that uses the librsync library calls to 
effectively implement what rsync does.



> Comments anyone ?

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