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[Bacula-devel] Problem with VSS under WinXP

Hi folks, it seems my first post was send correctly.

Sorry to bugging your list, but I see that your project use the volume 
shadow copy, and I'm struggling with it since two month.

I'm trying to write some code for save and restore locked file with the 
shadow copy unde WIN XP with the vss sdk 7.2.

I've a problem with AddToSnapshotSet(). When I try something like this:

VSS_ID pSnapShotId;
pBackupComponent->AddToSnapshotSet(pSourceVolumeName, GUID_NULL, 
wprintf(L"This is pSnapShotId: %s\n", pSnapShotId);

wprintf say to me: This is the pSnapShotId: (null)

and the exe failed...

Does someone knows why my pSnapShotId is null?

My source code is here: http://www.raysa.org/~lgele/VssSaveRestore1

Thanks in advance for any help

Once again, sorry to bugging you with it, but I haven't find any answer 
on the web...

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