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Re: [Bacula-devel] bls and DVD (Windows Version)

The biggest problem
> seams to be my problem of "sharing data" with other partners because
> is not likely that all partners have Bacula running (I am sure it will
> be more because I like the idea behind Bacula ;-) ). And in most cases
> our partners without Bacula use Windows and not *nix.
> So my idea was it to write data to one or more DVDs, send this to a
> partner (without a running Bacula) and the partner can restore the
> with bls and co. on every supported platform. Maybe this is scenario
> out of scope but I like this idea. 

A while back we discussed the idea of an Export job type (a variation of
the Copy job, or maybe a special kind of Restore job) that could take
selected files or jobs from the Bacula database and write them out in
more mundane formats such as tar, cpio, or gzip format. 

I don't know if it'll ever get implemented, but it sounds like that
would be ideal for what you're wanting to do here.

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