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[Bacula-devel] bacula client for win 64bit needed

Maybe i wrong writing to developer mailing list. Sorry. I grep internet
about this problem, and I only seen here that some
people was able to compile bacula for win2008 64bit: Riyas Y. Fri, 08
Aug 2008 03:19:51 -0700: "Yesterday 64bit client was tested on 64 bit
windows server 2008, VSS was found to be working fine." I badly needed
it because in my case i unable to backup system with VSS support then
using 32bit binaries. Without VSS some system files not backed up as
they locked by operation system.
Well, i think restoring such backup will result in damaged operation
system and databases files. Going to backup by native tools of windows,
and then backup this backups once again by Bacula :(

Can any one share that successfully compiled binaries?  

We are ruining virtualized servers, can provide any testing platform

Thank you

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