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Re: [Bacula-devel] Alternative DB structures-Porposal

On Wednesday 24 September 2008 23:40:03 David Boyes wrote:
> > ALTER TABLE file  add column size bigint default 0;
> This seems to assume that files/objects are byte streams. This is not
> always true on all the platforms that Bacula supports. 

I am not sure I understand why this assumes that files/objects are byte 
streams.  I am not arguing, but I find your statement interesting ...

One point is that no platform is obligated to provide size (st_mtime is 
needed), so it may not always be available -- perhaps that is what you 
(David) mean above?

> If the platform 
> is not natively set up that way, you've just added a fair amount of
> processing to determine the file size, unless you're putting logic in to
> update this after the file is stored.

It seems to me that the only advantage of John's proposal is that for external 
programs and adhoc queries, they can access the database using SQL only. For 
external programs, code to efficiently get these fields already exists, 
though it cannot be used directly in the SQL.  I believe that PostgreSQL can 
even get to the data directly using SQL (maybe not as efficiently as the code 

I did a quick and rough calculation of the extra database size this will add, 
and on my 1GB database (pretty small), which is MySQL, it will add about 
5.13% in size.  This should be a very accurate estimate for most all MySQL 
databases.  Other than test databases, I don't have production data for 
PostgreSQL, but if I assume that most sizes are pretty much the same as in 
MySQL (probably not a good assumption), the increase in database size would 
be 7.69%, which is pretty substantial.

Note the PostgreSQL increase in size is larger than for MySQL, because MySQL 
uses 4 byte TIMESTAMP fields while Postgre uses 8 byte TIMESTAMP fields 
(internally Bacula uses 8 bytes where ever possible).

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