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Re: [Bacula-devel] bad sql??

On Sep 19, 2008, at 1:55 AM, Kern Sibbald wrote:
>> This is exactly what I am getting at. Sqlite does not case fold  
>> unquoted
>> identifiers (table names, column names, etc...), while every other  
>> database
>> does fold them (since that is sql standard behavior).  So the  
>> bacula code
>> looks the same going in, but produces different results when  
>> executed by
>> each database.
> SQLite and SQLite3 databases created by the Bacula scripts have  
> worked for a
> long time.  To my knowledge there has never been a bug reported  
> against the
> Bacula SQL.

My goal in this msg is to clarify the problem.

First, I think we can agree that the subject thread is misleading. It  
is not
bad SQL at the heart of the matter.

The problem arises if the user wishes to migrate the Catalog from one
database to another.

The base issue lies within how each database handles case folding
(eg. foo vs Foo vs FOO).

The problem manifests itself when trying to load the data into the new
database.   I will give an example of this problem.  It is unverified,  
is representative.  For example, you have the dump from database A.
It holds data for table Foo.  You try to load that dump into database B
but it fails because of case folding issues.

Overview: This isn't a problem with operational Bacula. This is a  
for users when they wish to convert from one Catalog database to  

If we can help them with that issue, great.

Moving forward, I see we need this:

- a simple example/demo of the problem
- a simple example as to how that one problem can be fixed
- evaluate the above and decide how to proceed

I will be offline for much of the next 48 hours, so if someone else
can proceed.

Dan Langille

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